Candice and Marcellas Flenory Sr.

Candice and Marcellas Flenory Sr. are owners of BFI Unlimited LLC. They have over 40 years of progressive business experience in Supply Chain Management and Human Resources Management, respectively. Candice Flenory has been with Major Corporations such as Raytheon and Harris Corporation. Marcellas Flenory Sr has worked for Major Corporations such as DynCorp and Target Corporation.

They started BFI Unlimited LLC to give families that have not fully recovered from the financial catastrophe of 2007-2009 to live and vacation in great areas of the United States. They currently own property in Texas and Florida.

BFI Unlimited LLC mission is to create and provide a living environment suitable for the development of generations to come. “Luxury Living at Affordable Prices”


Renting hotels in Miami, FL averages $680/night in 2014 for a 5-star hotel.

They will rent out great 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom condos off the Atlantic Ocean for $200/per night with a minimum of 7-nights for families only.

These two individuals dream to help as many people as they can to achieve their dreams.

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