Since its inception in 1991, the NBMBAA® Leaders of Tomorrow® (LOT®) Program has mentored more than 8,000 talented youth aspiring to leadership roles in professional fields. The LOT® Program is a comprehensive programmatic approach for providing leadership development to high school students. The program is driven by mentoring across four developmental areas: Leadership, Financial Literacy, College Preparation and Career Preparation. The program offers participants resources, knowledge and opportunities in the way of mentoring relationships, scholarships, and internships.


Leaders of Tomorrow Mentoring Program

Earn your Leaders of Tomorrow Mentoring Certificate!!  A valuable addition to any resume!!  Members are invited to mentor our Leaders of Tomorrow students. Read the requirements, Four Pillars Mentoring Certification Program and apply today!!!

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By becoming a member you will enjoy a variety of professional and personal development workshops and seminars; Networking opportunities with other professionals across broad range of industry.

We are a business organization that promotes intellectual development and economic wealth in the African American community.

Williams Wells Jr.
Former NBMBAA, Board Chair